Feel the paradise by your five senses

Japanese style inn
Japanese style inn
Japanese style inn

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Recommendation plan

Recommendation plan

<Special guest room including private outside bath>
Designers’ room “KAEDE” and cuisine “Chiya-beef”

Time which can’t spend by daily life to only you

The “Yubara Hot Spring” is north region of Okayama.
This is the calm nature area and shows an expression in each season.
You can enjoy local food “Chiya beef” and “Kinuhikari rice”,
and enjoy hot water bath from the 100% natural fresh hot spring. by your five senses.
Please spend slowly time with our best omotenashi, as entertain you warmheartedly.
The “Yubara Hot Spring” is north region of Okayama.

  • Japanese style inn
  • Japanese style inn

Hot spa

Grand champion in the ranking list of hot spring at west region.
We use the 100% natural fresh hot spring
so can serve “flowing irrigation”.

Yubara Onsen got grand champion in the ranking list of hot spring at west region in 1981.
The rich hot spring amount is more than 3,120 liters per minute.
Because hot water of the good water temperature so Yubara Onsen can serve “flowing irrigation”.
Please enjoy with the high quality hot spring.

※We can accept reserved bath room during the daytime and night time.

Guest room

We have variation rooms for relaxation.
Please spend your time leisurely.

We have some rooms, Japanese style big room, bed room and so on.
You can rest and relax with a homely atmosphere.
Please forget daily life and enjoy comfortable time.


A dish is collected delicious local foods in Okayama north region.
Please enjoy a dish of chief chef which feels a season.

We use many local foodstuffs and cook for you.
Chief cook for best condition with fuudstuffs in seasons.
We serve a dish for your heart and health.

※Please be advised that our menu items change based on availability on the market
※We can prepare lunch, please contact us.

Commitment to the local foodstuffs

You can taste in “Komeya” inn, Chiya beef from Niimi city,
Ayu – sweetfish in Asahigawa river, Kinuhikari – rice from Tsuyama city,
Gozenshu – Japanese Sake from Maniwa city.

  • Chiya beef
    Chiya beef
  • Kinuhikari
  • Ayu - sweetfish
    Ayu – sweetfish
  • Japanese Sake
    Japanese Sake

How to the way

We can accept shuttle service from Okayama station,
Osaka station, Hiroshima station and Shikoku island.

Streets with the old town layout give you healing.
You should use a car or express bus for coming our inn.

  • By a car
  • By a bus
  • By a train

By a car

It is about 90 minites from Okayama via Okayama expressway and Yonago expressway.
It is about 60 minites from Okayama airport.
Please set car navigation system to our inn name or address, and take care for your driving.

  • From Okayama city
  • From Okayama airport
  • From Osaka
Japanese style inn

345-18, Yubaraonsen, Maniwa city, Okayama
TEL 0867-62-3775